About Us

The Raleigh Vineyard was first planted in 1983 with several different grape varieties. Lavinia 'Vinny' Dingle and her family took over the property in 1989 and for several years continued making wine at the winery from this 'fruit salad' vineyard. From 2001 until 2005 the vineyard was replanted with two fungal resistant grape varieties as the weather patterns indicated a much wetter and hotter future for the mid North coast. The red is Chambourcin and the white Villard Blanc; both offer a truly unique tasting experience.

These varieties have thrived although local flooding in Bellingen Shire in the last three to four years has been challenging. The winery operation was also moved to Port Macquarie to ensure a high quality product and has won several prestigious wine awards over the years. Lavinia Dingle is the winemaker with a background in the industry and operates this sole tradership with the assistance of a vineyard manager for 20 hours a week.

Our wines are made using the minimum requirement
of preservatives and additives.