ROSÉ Chambourcin (slightly sweet)

Berry-blush colour with a distinctive yet subdued blackcurrant and strawberry nose. The palate is soft and succulent with just a hint of berry zest, making it all too drinkable! Serve well chilled for that Picnic or B.B.Q., especially suited to any Asian dish. The ideal wine for our climate.

BELLAROSA Chambourcin (slightly sweet chilled red)

This wine has been made using premium Chambourcin grapes. Soft-bodied with delicious spicy berry fruit, it is best served chilled. Great for barbecues, with Italian cuisine or just for the pure pleasure of its great taste!

RIVERBANK RED Chambourcin (dry)

Purple-Ruby colour. Old oak with a 'plums in port' fruity nose and our unique regional light front palate. Delicious and spicy with subtle chewy tannins it is drinkable now but those with patience and a cellar will be amply rewarded in the mid-term.

Please note - Bottle shapes & cap colours may vary due
to availability at time of bottling.